North Sea Oil and Brexit?

In 1972 the British parliament passed a law to begin the process of joining the European Economic Community, a trading block on the mainland, it was hoped would reverse that country’s fortunes, Nearly forty five years later the (now somewhat less united) United Kingdom is beginning the process of withdrawing from said trading bloc.

But what does this have to do with Peak Oil?

uk oil production

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Babylon 5 and Green Storytelling

“It was the year of fire; the year of destruction; the year we took back what was ours”

“It was the year of rebirth; the year of great sadness; the year of pain and a year of joy”

“It was a new age; it was the end of history; it was the year everything changed.”

“The year was 2261; the place – Babylon 5”


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Will of the People: A statue for Trafalgar Square’s Fourth Plinth

London’s Trafalgar Square is noted as the site of Nelson’s Column, a memorial to the famous admiral who played an important role in the sea campaigns of the Napoleonic Wars and hero of the public open space’s eponymous Trafalgar Battle. Less well known are the military figures occupying three of the four smaller plinths placed around the square, although these would have been well known at the Victorian age when the square was created. To this day the fourth plinth is used as a kind of temporary exhibition space awaiting a suitable statue for this venue of national importance. I think we now have one.

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Wales and West Franchise: Playing Devil’s Advocate

Note that this is a piece I wrote for inclusion in the Heart of Wales Line Travellers Association newsletter. Essentially I am arguing for Welsh rural rail to be made part of an integrated rural transport serive, like a bucolic equivalent of the South Wales Metro or London Transport franchise.

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Railway Track gauges – Further thoughts

Readers of this blog will have encountered my previous post in which I postulated that rail track gauges have clustered into various sets related by the mathematical constant known as the Golden Ratio. In this post I develop this idea further.

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Local Radio after Hafren – How about a Digital Radio Mondale trial?

Following the sad demise of local radio Hafren last year, there is no longer a radio service specifically targetting the local area. The chief reason for loss of the service was lack of advertising revenue to support the service, but this in turn was more likely to reflect low listener levels

The radio band is presumably now vacant. Being an AM frequency it is unlikely that anybody will be desperate to get their hands on it because the sound quality is pretty dire. However in this post I will look at using this station and its frequently as a technological testbed. The provision of a local radio service (for which demand was lacking) might be considered more as an afterthought.


DRM receiver. This one is made by Avion electronics (Photo –

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Solarpunk: The emerging aesthetic of Mid Wales

Llandrindod Wells has for a long time run a Victorian festival and this year there was the addition of steampunk to the mix. This was a new departure not just for the Victorian festival but also for the community at large who had to get used to an aesthetic of top hats with brass goggles on.

The steam punk has spun off into its own festival and should be back bigger and better next year. However that is not the reason I am writing. I have recently stumbled across another “punk” genre which, to some of us in Llandrindod, probably looks familiar.


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